Yoga and Vedanta’s psycho-physical-spiritual discipline are not meant to develop within us something new that doesn’t already exist. They are utilized only to efficiently remove the obstacles that prevent us from experiencing and realizing who we really are.
— Brian (Brahmananda) Fisher


Ziv Porat

Mission and Bio:

I strive to make the teachings of Yoga and Vedanta accessible, interesting and inviting. It gives me great satisfaction to see students and fellow seekers evolve, transform and blossom spiritually and personally. Fostering, encouraging and supporting such a transformation is both my mission, as well as my joy.

I have been studying and practicing yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual discipline since 1981. While living at various Sivananda centers, I taught ongoing hatha yoga classes, as well as at teacher training courses, all the while continuing to deepen my spiritual practice and hone my teaching skills.  It is my very good fortune to have been mentored by an accomplished yogi and teacher.

I feel privileged to provide instruction on yogic teachings and have done so in Israel, Spain and California. Currently, I teach health and yoga classes in retirement communities; I conduct workshops, coach individuals and write articles on spiritual development.

Since my youth, my mind has been intrigued by the essential questions of existence. After some explorations, I was introduced to yoga and have found the principals and tools for spiritual growth that the yogic path offers to be of the highest benefit; they are universal, scientific, comprehensive and practical.

The workshops and coaching sessions that I offer invite students and clients to make an intelligent and experiential connection between the profound yogic teachings and daily life. The courses and sessions provide them with a nurturing environment, while challenging everyone to rise to their fullest potential. Students give me lovely feedback, saying that my teaching style is clear, lively and humorous.

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Yoga Instructor: 1983 - present.

Acupressure Massage Therapist: 1991- 2012

Wellness Educator for retirees: 1996 – present

Spiritual Living Facilitator and Coach 1993 – present